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Galimplant is a national and international benchmark company
in the field of oral implantology, which is strongly committed to research and innovation.

Our facilities

Our facilities are located in Sarria (Lugo), en Galicia. This is the place where our philosophy comes from and also our name. It is the starting point of dreams and projects.

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What is Galimplant?

Our story begins in 2007, hand in hand withDoctor Jesús Pato Mourelo, who with enthusiasm and the support of many of his life and profession colleagues decides to realize a dream: to apply his experience and knowledge in the development of a unique and original system.

Certified quality

Choose our company: quality and simplicity

We have the best trained team and we offer personalized advice to our clients to make our system known. Research, innovation and development are the pillars on which Galimplant is built.


Offer a unique system in the world based on quality and simplicity, adapted to day-to-day needs.


Facilitate the performance of implant treatments by offering a complete system.


Personalized attention and development of our system in the hands of clinical experts with whom we work every day.

At the forefront of oral implantology

Years of research lead us to place ourselves at the top of oral implantology. More than 12 years of clinical experience and product development that lead us to achieve an unmatched system.

  • Science

  • Innovation

  • Development

  • Investigation

  • Clinical evidence

  • Training

  • Job

  • Trust

  • Warranty

  • Passion


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