Placement of implants with immediate loading on aesthetic rectus multiposition and horizontal bone regeneration with xenograft and collagen membrane

Dr. Sergio García Moreno

  • Dentist specialized in oral surgery, implantology, implant prosthesis and digital dentistry
  • Master’s degree in oral surgery and implantology at the Virgen de la Paloma Hospital, Madrid
  • Superior course in implant prosthesis at the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid
  • Bachelor of Dentistry at the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid
  • Participation in numerous national and international congresses
  • Author of scientific articles in national and international journals
  • Registered Member of Region I 28011746

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Clinic history

A 43-year-old male patient with no medical history came to the consultation with a failed bridge in the anterior mandibular area with teeth 43 and 42 that could not be maintained and significant horizontal bone atrophy in the entire pontic area.

Initial diagnostic X-ray

Front view of the anterior mandibular area

Front view of the mandibular area with significant bone atrophy

Galimplant dental extraction and implant placement with surgical splint

After extraction dental, curettage and cleaning of all post-extraction alveoli is performed. The incision is made with shocks distal at the level of the premolars. The milling process starts and implant placementusing a guided surgery splint.

Once the drilling process is finished and the surgical guide is removed,the Galimplant IPX implants are placed. ø 3.5mm x Long. 14mm and ø 3.5mm x Long. 18 mm in pre-planned post-extraction positions of 32 and 43. Given the severe horizontal bone atrophy andl implant in position 32 is fenestrated. A horizontal bone regeneration is performed with xenograft and collagen membrane.

Tooth extraction, incision and tissue discharge.

Surgical Guide Placement

Galimplant implant placement

Placement of the aesthetic straight multiposition abutments and their immediate loading abutments

We place straight aesthetic abutments perforating the membrane to be able to place an immediate load prosthesis, allowing us to avoid the patient having to use some type of removable provisional prosthesis that could compromise the success of bone regeneration or that would have to be prolonged for a long time without any type of provisional, thus improving the patient satisfaction with the treatment and their quality of life during it.

Horizontal bone regeneration with xenograft and collagen membrane. Placement of aesthetic rectus multiposition abutments

Placement of immediate load abutments on multi-position abutments.

Fixed Provisional Rehabilitation Placement

Provisional rehabilitation

We present the evolution of the case at 3 months, which is when the referring prosthodontist is referred to be able to directly perform the definitive prosthesis.

Provisional rehabilitation after 3 months

Comparative initial and final tac

Comparative initial and final RX


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