A decade of success – Galimplant

A dream that comes to life

The history of Galimplant was born 114 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela. In the Lugo town of Sarria, a place where different paths intertwine and begin. It is here where in 2007, its founder, Dr. Jesús Pato Mourelo, driven by friends and colleagues, envisioned what would become his dream: To develop a unique system in the world that manages to improve the quality of life of clinicians and patients.

Two years later, in 2009, the dream began to come true and take shape. Despite the tough pitfalls and obstacles that arise when undertaking a path of such dimensions, Galimplant was already a reality; the first events, the first courses and the first steps of a great family. A more than significant example of this reality was the presence at the “Expodental 2010” fair. Galimplant attended an international congress for the first time and presented itself to the most important professionals and entities in the world of implantology, this would be a first step towards the forefront of the sector.

A single concept, multiple possibilities

In 2011, Galimplant experienced a before and after. The one that today is one of the main assets and hallmark of the brand was born: the “IPX Concept”. A unique connection, in which the union between passion and talent is staged. A connection with which an extensive and versatile range of prosthetic solutions would emerge.

A leap to the future

The town of Sarria has witnessed the brand’s evolution over the years, so much so that in 2014 and 2015 it was able to experience two very important events concerning the firm. The first of them was the celebration of the «I Galimplant International Meeting«. An appointment that brought together some of the greatest experts in the sector in Sarria.

A year later, the brand underwent a change that would mean evolving into a new future. It was this, the moment when Galimplant moved its headquarters. Settling in a new home, from which to meet the demand of the new challenges that awaited him.

That makes us different?

2016 was the year in which a desired dream was achieved: “Nanoblast Plus”, the surface achieved in Galimplant implants. A surface achieved after almost 10 years of testing, thousands of hours of dedication and the constant effort and tenacity of a team that has managed to obtain what is today the number one asset of the brand.

However, the innovative and pioneering eagerness that has always characterized this brand, far from being stagnant, would conquer another peak a year later. Born one of the most important milestones in its innovation: «The zygomatic implants«. Which placed the brand as the first and only Spanish company to manufacture and market this type of implants.

Providing advice throughout the national territory, and counting on delegations and presence in different countries. Galimplant is positioned as one of the national and international benchmark companies in the oral implantology sector. Always prioritizing its clients above all else and promoting the concept of family, Galimplant is strongly committed to offering its clients complete training programs from the best professionals, throughout the year and in all parts of the Peninsula.