Multi-position transepithelial abutment solutions

Our prosthetic solutions offer an anatomical emergency that respects the biological space, with high aesthetic demands.

  • Angled abutments to correct implant angulation
  • Made of Grade V Titanium
  • For single and multiple prostheses
dental implant surgery box system
Multi-position Transepithelial

Multi-position Transepithelial

Pilares rotacionales y anti-rotacionales

Ref. MU 1504020

Ref. MU 1504030

Ref. MU 3004030

Ref. MU 3004040

Ref. MU 4504050

Ref. MU 5004050

Ref. MU 6004050

Ref. MUST 04010

Ref. MUST 04020

Ref. MUST 04030

Ref. MUSTA 04010

Ref. MUSTA 04020

Ref. MUSTA 04030

Rotational immediate loading

Ref. PTIMUTR 4048

Immediate anti-rotational loading

Ref. PTIMUTA 4048

Mediate rehabilitation

Ref. PCM 4030 / PCM 4830

Rotational and anti-rotational interfaces

Ref. PCMUTR 4048

Ref. PITEMUTR 4040

Ref. PCMUTA 40

Removable prosthesis

A solution for retained or implant-supported prostheses

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