Implant System

We are manufacturers of dental implants. The excellent macroscopic design and the microscopic surface, together with the universality of the connection of our implants, the simplicity and versatility of the other components, make our system a simple, reliable and unique implant system.

Dental implants

Our dental implant system is unique in the world, with our surface being its main asset. Development and innovation are the pillars that lead us to achieve excellent clinical results in the short and long term.

galimplant implant system
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Prosthetic components

A different solution for each patient. A system with exhaustive preclinical research and great clinical evidence, under a biomechanical and biological approach.

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Digital Dentistry

Our progress puts technology at your fingertips. Our collaboration with engineers and dentists leads us to create Galimplant 3D, with an accurate and reliable result.

galimplant guided surgery felula
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Surgical boxes

Instruments for millimeter accuracy, accompanied by clear diagrams that allow easy use. We provide the necessary surgical instruments for the Galimplant system.

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